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For speedy deployment on local area networks, wide area networks, and metropolitan networks, Networkise sells wireless equipment and access points in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We provide the best devices and accessories for indoor and outdoor deployments, whether they are for small offices or huge corporations. In Dubai, Middle East, access points come in three different varieties: standalone, multifunctional, and client.

Sales of wireless goods and access points are provided by Al-Tawasol Technologies in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. For the highest possible savings, efficiency, and productivity in order to successfully satisfy business objectives, wireless goods and access points are distributed and marketed in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

A variety of wireless devices and access points that meet LAN and WAN requirements are available from Networkise. Networkise provides sales and support services for wireless equipment and access points from well-known manufacturers like Cisco, Ubiquity, Sophos, Ruckus, TP-Link, D-Link, Linksys, and others.

The variety of items available includes Wireless Routers, Access Points, Antennas, Outdoor & Indoor Access Points such as Standalone, Multifunction and Client kinds, Wireless LAN Controllers, Wireless Adapters, PCIE Cards, Wireless Repeaters, and more.


Catalyst 9130 Wi-Fi AP Series
Catalyst 9120 Wi-Fi AP Series
Catalyst 9117 Wi-Fi AP Series
Catalyst 9115 Wi-Fi AP Series
Catalyst 9105 Wi-Fi AP Series

Catalyst 9124 Series (new)
Aironet 1570 Series
Aironet 1560 Series
Aironet 1540 Series

Meraki MR86
Meraki MR56
Meraki MR46
Meraki MR36

Catalyst IW6300 Heavy Duty Series Access Points
6300 Series Embedded Services Access Points
Industrial Wireless 3700 Series

Aironet 4800 Access Points
Aironet 3800 Series
Aironet 2800 Series
Aironet 1800 Access Points
Aironet Active Sensor

Cisco Business 200 Series
Cisco Business 100 Series‚Äč


aruba 630 Series
aruba 550 Series
aruba 530 Series
aruba 510 Series
aruba 500 Series
aruba 340 Series
aruba 330 Series
aruba 320 Series
aruba 310 Series
aruba 300 Series
aruba 303 Series

aruba 570 Series
aruba 570EX Series
aruba 518 Series
aruba 560 Series
aruba 560EX Series
aruba 387 Series
aruba 370 Series
aruba 370EX Series
aruba 318 Series
aruba 360 Series
aruba 270 Series

aruba 500H Series
aruba 303H Series
aruba 203H Series
aruba 203R Series


Ruckus AP R350
Ruckus AP R550
Ruckus AP R650
Ruckus AP R750
Ruckus AP R850
Ruckus AP H320
Ruckus AP 350
Ruckus AP H510
Ruckus AP H550
Ruckus AP M510
Ruckus AP R310
Ruckus AP R320
Ruckus AP R510
Ruckus AP R610
Ruckus AP R710
Ruckus AP R720
Ruckus AP R730

Ruckus AP R310
Ruckus AP R750
Ruckus AP E510
Ruckus AP P300
Ruckus AP T350
Ruckus AP T610
Ruckus AP T710
Ruckus AP T811-CM

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