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Our prominent stocking of Routers offered includes, Broadband and Wireless routers, Edge, Subscriber edge routers, Enterprise Wired & Wireless routers, Inter-provider border routers, Network Core routers etc. The accessories include Flash Cards, Network Modules Adaptors, IO Software, Service Contracts and more.

A Perfect Data Center at your Business demands a Seamless and secured connectivity with all your networks and to the cloud sometimes. At Networkise, we offer Routers, Branch Routers, Enterprise and more… manufactured by popular brands worldwide.

Small & Home office routers of both Wired and Wireless routers are offered and Networkise specializes in offering Cisco routers in Dubai with popular models such as 4000 Series and ASR 1000 Series and 900 Series Integrated Services Routers, Enterprises Network Routers such as 5000 Series. Also, we offer SMB RV100, RV200, RV300 and more.

Apart from Cisco Networkise also offers Popular Routers of Juniper Brands such as, CTP150 & CTP2000 Platforms, MX10003/MX10008/MX10016 Routers, Juniper MX2020 5G Universal Router Platforms, Juniper MX204/MX240 /MX480, MX960 5G Universal Routing Platforms, PTX1000, PTX3000, PTX5000, PTX10000 & More.

Cisco Routers

Cisco 5100 ENCS
Cisco 5400 ENCS

Catalyst 8300-1N1S-6T
Catalyst 8300-1N1S-4T2X
Catalyst 8300-2N2S-6T
Catalyst 8300-2N2S-4T2X

ASR 9001
ASR 9006
ASR 9904
ASR 9901
ASR 9910

Cisco CG522-E
Cisco CG418-E

ISR 1100-4G/6G
ISR 1101
ISR 1109
ISR 1160

ASR 1001-X
ASR 1002-HX
ASR 1006-X
ASR 1009-X

Cisco ISR 4221
Cisco ISR 4331
Cisco ISR 4431
Cisco ISR 4461

890 Series
880 Series
810 Series
860 Series

Cisco 5921 ESR
Cisco 5915 ESR

Cisco C8500L-8S4X
Cisco C8500-12X
Cisco C8500-12X4QC

ASR 9001
ASR 9006
ASR 9904
ASR 9901
ASR 9910

Cisco ISR 921
Cisco ISR 926
Cisco ISR 927
Cisco ISR 931


ACX7100 Sereis
ACX6000 Series
ACX5400 Series
ACX5000 Series
ACX2200 Series
ACX2100 Series
ACX1000 Series
ACX500 Series

SRX100 Series
SRX210 Series
SRX220 Series
SRX550 Series
SRX650 Series

MX10008 and MX10016 Series
MX10003 Series
MX2008 Series
MX480 Series
MX240 Series
MX204 Series
MX104 Series
MX80 Series

PTX10003 Series
PTX10008 Series
PTX10002 Series
PTX10001-36MR Series
PTX1000 Series


NE9000 Series
CX6600 Series
NE40E Series
ME60 Series MSCG
NE5000E Series
PTN Series
NE40E Series
CX Series

AR3200 Series
AR120 Series
AR500 Series
AR2200 Series
AR6100 Series

ATN Series Routers
PTN Series Routers

Huawei WiFi AX2
Huawei WiFi AX3 (QC)
Huawei WiFi Mesh
Huawei WiFi E5785
Huawei WiFi WS5200


FlexNetwork MSR4000 Series
FlexNetwork HSR6800 Series
FlexNetwork MSR3000 Series
FlexNetwork MSR2000 Series
FlexNetwork MSR1000 Series

FlexNetwork MSR95x Series
FlexNetwork MSR93x Series

Why AL-Tawasol Tech is preferred?

We are a hardware & networking products reseller in Dubai UAE and UK based company, which specializes offering SMB & Enterprise Network Routers for critical IT Networking requirements. Since inception, we promotes & support products of networking distribution & reselling in Dubai UAE supported with best discounts and quick deliveries.

We are actively assisting customers for Networking products sales & Support in Africa Middle East Nigera, MENA, Asian countries etc. Our Inventory includes Used and Refurbished Networking products in Dubai which are tested and certified by our core technical team and distributed. With a strong technical support team and having large inventory of networking and hardware products in Dubai, We are  chosen as best Router supplier in Dubai UAE, Africa and middle east region

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